What is a Casino Representative?

A Casino Representative is licensed and registered at all casino’s we represent to make your reservations and arrangements such as air, room, ground transportation, and amenities or special requests.  

I have a property host that takes care of me, why would I need a Casino Representative?

Property hosts can only take care of you at that property, we can take care of you at over 130 casinos at the same level of service or in most cases upgrade you to what you have had in the past. We are able to offer you airfare upfront for charters and group trips based on your ratings and we have NCM (National Casino Marketing) hosts at every property to take care of you based on your play at the end of your trip.

How do I qualify for Casino Trips?

Call Wojo’s Casino Players with your Contact Information and we will get you rated according to your past history casino play. We will need names, addresses, date of births, player card numbers, etc. for you and your guest. If you have friends that like to gamble that you would like to travel with or people you would like to refer to us, have them call us with their information to get rated accordingly.

What are ratings?

Ratings are play levels that are generated when using your player card. With these ratings we can offer you different trips based on your ratings. Ratings are your ADT (average daily theoretical) which basically is your playing hours X average bet X numbers of rotations. Trips are always based on rated play not tier levels.

How do I qualify for complimentary charter and group trips?

Trips vary by destination, time of year, special events etc. Minimum ADT’s would require 500 ADT for basic trips. Which would approximately convert to in slots 4 hours per day per couple at an average $3.00 spin or at tables 4 hours per day per couple at a $100 average bet. Of course the more hours or average bet will reduce the minimum requirements and also get you upgraded amenities or trips.

What if I am a new player with no ratings?

Let us get you rated at one of our retail levels for any of our properties. Once that you have returned from the trip we can put you at the rated level that you then qualify for on future trips. If you have already made arrangements for a casino trip you must let us do the room reservations to get your ratings.